Toshiba Error Codes

Toshiba E-Studio machines do not display service code automatically. To read a code you should press down the “8” key and the “Clear/Stop” key at the same time. All codes, except fuser errors are reset by turning the machine off and back on again. PM cycle counter can be set in 0,8 mode, turn on the machine while holding down “0” and 8” keys, enter 251 to set PM limit, and 252 to see the number of copies that have been run since the last PM.
Toshiba Error Codes:
C130 1st Drawer Motor
C140 2nd Drawer Motor
C150 3rd Drawer Motor
C1C0 LCF tray-up Motor Problem
C260 Exposure Lamp not detected
C270 Scan home problem
C280 Scan home problem
C360 Corona Wire Cleaner Motor
C370 Transfer belt cam motor problem
C411 Fuser low temp or thermistor
C412 Fuser low temperature
C443 to C 447 Fuser temperature problem
C 449 Fuser temperature too high
C465 to C468 Pressure Roller temperature problem
C471 to C475 IH power voltage (Power Supply)
C480 IH problem
C481 IGBT problem
C490 IH control problem
C4A0 Fuser web at end
C4B0 Fuser count problem
C550 Communication problem between scanner and RADF
C560 Communication problem between Engine CPU and PFC
C570 Communication problem between Engine CPU and IPC
C580 Communication problem between Engine CPU and finisher
C730 EEPROM initialization problem in RADF
C820 RADF read sensor adjustment error
C830 RADF original length sensor adjustment error
C840 RADF small original reverse sensor
C850 RADF tray lift motor problem
C860 RADF large original exit sensor problem
C870 RADF temperature problem
C940 Engine-CPU problem
C970 HVT or charge corona
CA10 Laser motor problem
CA20 Laser H-SYNC problem
CB10 Finisher feed motor
CB20 Finisher exit motor
CB30 Finisher tray lift motor
CB40 Finisher rear alignment plate motor
CB50 Staple motor
CB60 Finisher punch motor
CCC1 Communication problem between finisher and inserter
CCD1 Inserter EEPROM problem
CCE1 Inserter fan problem
CDF0 Offset tray home separator problem
CD00 Laser problem
CD10 Cleaning brush problem
CD20 Used toner transport problem
CD30 Recycle toner transport problem
CD40 Waster toner bag full
CD50 Fuser web problem
CE50 Temperature/humidity sensor problem
CE90 Drum thermistor problem
CE90 Drum thermistor problem
CF70 Toner transport motor problem
CF80 Toner hopper motor locked up
E010 Exit jam
E020 Exit jam
E061 1st drawer incorrect paper size
E090 Image data delay jam
E110 Duplex jam
E120 Bypass jam
E460 Bypass cover open
EA80 Saddle-Stitch staple jam
EA90 Saddle-stitch cover open/jam
F103 Hard drive timeout
F111 Scan problem
F120 Database problem
To clear fuser errors, turn on power while holding down “0” and “8”. Enter 400, Press Start. Change status to “0”. Press Enter or “Interrupt”. Shut power and turn back On
Printer Error Codes:
4030 No printer kit
4031 Hard drive full during print
4032 Private print only
4033 Printing data storage problem
4034 E-filling problem
4035 Fax can not be sent when local selected
4036 User authentication error
A221 Print job cancellation
A222 Print job power failure
A290 Output pages exceeded specified department code and user code