Ricoh Error Codes

Ricoh photocopier/printers error codes can be divided into three levels (A, B,C). The “A” level codes have high risk and involve the fusing unit problems. The machine operation is disabled. Only a service engineer should reset and repair this error. The B level errors are caused by one or more specific units. The machine operates as usual, excluding the related units. The C level errors have no effect on machine operation except to display a warning on the control panel. Error levels can be checked in service manuals under “troubleshooting” section.
SC543, SC545 codes:
SC543, SC545 are most common errors in Ricoh products. These errors indicate a problem in fixing temperature or thermistor. It is strongly recommended to call an authorized technician to reset and fix this problem because defected parts must be replaced/repaired before resetting these errors otherwise it may result in fire or other damages.
Error Code List:
Ricoh error codes are generally categorized into 9 categories. Each category starts with a unique number starting from 1 to9. A brief description is given below:
(a). 1xx Series (Scanning Related Problems)

SC 101 Exporsure Lamp error
SC107 Scanner Lamp Regulator Malfunction
SC120 Scanner Home position Error
SC121 Scanner home position error 2
SC 122 Scanner home position error 3
SC 123 Scanner home position error 4
Sc 124 Scanner Motor encoder signal error
SC 125 Scanner motor speed error1
SC 126 Scanner motor speed error2
SC 127 Scanner motor encoder rotating direction error
Sc 128 Scanner motor start error
SC 129 Scanner motor speed control error
Sc 130 SBU defective error/ Scanner start abnormal
SC 131 F-Gate Asserted during shading
SC 142 White level detection error
SC 143 SBU Auto adjust error
SC 144 SBU Connection error
SC 150 Scanner ROM Mismatch
SC 170 Scanner DA1 Abnormal/Video processing
SC 171 Scanner DA2 abnormal
SC 173 Scanner Lamp regulator adjustment error
SC 174 Scanner DA2 abnormal
SC 181 CIS Lamp abnormal
SC 183 CIS auto adjustment error
SC 184 CIS Transmission error
SC 191 Bar Code Scanning error
SC 192 Automated SBU adjustment error/Bar code number is different
SC 193 Image Transfer Error
SC 194 SBU White level detection
SC 195 DF Gate Assert error
SC 196 DF Gate Negate error
SC 197 DF Gate Error
SC 198 Memory card error
SC 199 DF Scanning finish error


Troubleshooting Tips:
SC101:Exposure Lamp error:
  • Exposure Lamp defective
  • Check exposure lamp connections and the stabilizer board.
  • Dirty scanner mirror or scanner mirror out of positions.
  • SBU board defective
SC143:SBU white/black level correction error:
  • Exposure lamp defected.
  • Dirty white plate.
  • BICU Board defective
SC198:Memory address error:
  • The firmware program of the engine and the controller do no match.
  • Controller Board defective
(b) 2XX Series For Laser Unit Problems
Possible Cause
Polygon Motor
Laser Sync Detect
Scan length detection
LD Power Supply Excessive
HP Sensor
HP Sensor not turning off
Line position Error
In some models (AF 2015 etc) 2xx error series does not exist.
(c) 3xx and 4xx Series Image Development Problems.
Polygonal mirror motor
Laser synchronization
LD Drive current over
Magnification Correction
LD Unit Home Position Error2
LD Unit no initial setting
Yellow Sleeve Motor Lock
Magenta Sleeve Motor Lock
Hard Disk Drive
Image Storage Address Error
Hard Disk Bad Sector Maximum
Yellow TD Sensor Detection Error
Cyan sensor Detection Error
Magenta TD Sensor Detection Error
Transfer Output Abnormal
Transfer Roller Leak
Transfer Belt Position Sensor
Transfer Belt Position Abnormal
Cleaning Motor Lock
Quenching Lamp
Main Motor Lock
Development Motor Lock
Image Transfer Belt Cleaning Unit Position Error
Thermistor1 Temperature
Toner Supply Motor Leak
Exhaust Fan Motor Lock
Main Fan abnormal
Transfer Bias Paper Attraction Roller Bias Leak
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC302:Charge Roller Current leakage
  • Clean the machine well.
  • Charge roller damaged.
  • Poor connection of the PCU
SC392:Toner density sensor initial setting is not performed correctly.
  • No developer
  • Developing roller does not turn.
  • Development roller coupling gear is not correctly attached.
  • Poor connection of PCU
  • ID sensor defective
SC402: Transfer roller lead error 2
  • High voltage supply board defective
  • Transfer/Separation unit set incorrectly
    Transfer roller damaged
(d) 5xx Series For Paper Feed and Fusing Problems

Possible Causes
SC500 Main motor/transport motor lock/Fusing motor error
SC501 Drawer 1 lift motor malfunction
SC502 2nd or 1st tray lift motor malfunction
SC503 Drawer3(or 2nd) lift motor error
SC504 Drawer 4 or 3rd lift motor malfunction
SC505 LCC Tray malfunction
SC506 Paper tray motor lock
SC507 LCT main/feed motor lock
SC508 Rear fence drive motor
SC509 Drawer 3 LCT right fence error
SC510 LCT lower limit error
SC511 LCC motor lock
SC515 Drawer left guide drive motor error, Tandem rear fence motor error
SC516 Drawer 1 side guide motor error
SC520 Paper tray error/Duplexer jogger drive motor error
SC521 Duplexer jogger driver motor error 2
SC522 Duplex-Side fence jogger HP error
SC524 Duplex-End fence jogger HP error
SC530 Bypass feed motor lock/fusing fan motor error
SC531 Fuser/Duplexer reversing motor error
SC541 Fuser thermistor open/ Hot Roller thermistor open
SC542 Fuser Temperature warm-up error
SC543 Fuser overheat error1
SC544 Hot roller fusing lamp lower limit temperature detected
SC545 Fuser lamp overheat error 2
SC546 Fuser ready temperature malfunction
SC547 Zero cross signal malfunction/ Fusing temperature does not increase
SC548 Fusing installation error
SC550 Fusing web end
SC551 Pressure roller thermistor open
SC552 Pressure roller warm up error
SC553 Pressure roller overheat
SC554 Pressure roller low temperature abnormal
SC555 Pressure roller ready temperature abnormal
SC557 Pressure roller temperature does not increase
SC558 Zero cross signal abnormal
SC590 Exhaust/Fusing fan motor error/used toner collection motor error
SC591 Toner supply motor error
SC592 Toner bank motor error
SC599 Copy exit tray motor lock
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC500:Too much load on the drive mechanism
  • Some gears or other rotating parting has been jammed.
  • Developing unit is over toned.
  • Main motor or its driving board is defective.
Before replacing motors or sensors, first check the mechanical load.
SC 541:Fusing thermistor open:
  • Machine is plugged into low line voltage.
  • Fixing thermistor is defective or out of position.
  • Some loose connection
  • Power Supply board defective
SC590:Left exhaust fan motor error
  • Loose connection of the exhaust fan motor.
  • Too much dust in the fan causing too much load on the motor driver.
(e) 6XX: Communication errors
Code Possible Cause
SC600 Communication Error Between Main Control and Operation Panel Boards
SC634 Key/ Card Counter Device Error
SC636 Communication Error Between BICU & Paper Feed Control PWA
SC696 Communication Error Between Engine Boad and Finisher
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC621:ADF connection error
  • An incorrect ADF is installed on the machines.
  • The connector of the ADF is removed while the machine is in the energy save mode.
(f) 7XX: Peripherals Problems
Code Possible Cause
SC700 RADF Original Pickup Malfunction
SC702 RADF Feed Motor Lock
SC703 RADF Transport Motor Lock
SC704 RADF Original Exit Motor Lock
SC705 RADF Bottom Plate Motor
SC721 Sorter Bin Motor
SC722 Finisher/Sorter Jogger Motor
SC727 Finisher Stapler Rotation error
SC728 Finisher paper stack height error
SC733 Finisher Lower Tray lift Motor
SC760 ADF Gate Abnormal
SC770 Display Editor Abnormal
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC700:ADF pickup problem
  • Home sensor is defective
  • ADF board or pickup roller mechanism is defective.
SC733:Finisher lower tray lift motor
  • stack height sensor or lower tray limit sensor may cause this problem
(g) 8XX: Controller Errors
Code Possible Cause
SC800 Startup Without Video output End
SC804 Startup Without Video Input End
SC818 Watchdog Error, Software Malfunction
SC819 Kernel Mismatch, Download Firmware again
SC820 Self Diagnostic Error,Download Firmware again
SC855 Wireless LAN card problem detected
SC857 USB Interface Error Detected
SC868 Incorrect Data is detected in the SD card
SC870 Address Book Data stored on the hard disk was abnormal
Troubleshooting Tips:
SC 826:Self diagnostic error:
NVRAM on the controller board is defective and must be replaced.
SC855:Wireless LAN card error
  • Poor Connections between LAN card and the printer
  • Defective controller board.
  • Defective wireless LAN card.