MSE Jumbo Extended High Yield Cartridges

MSE Jumbo Extended High Yield Cartridges
MSE’s extended yield cartridge offers up to 50% yield increase when compared to the OEM.
■■ Secondary Cleaning System® (SCS) Technology,
keeps the PCR totally clean of toner additive throughout the life of the cartridge. It eliminates common issues, such as streaking, dirty print, and backgrounding.
In longer life color applications, toner additive build (TAB) up is a particularly serious issue (even the OEM sometimes
has issues). SCS has eliminated defects associated with build up — even in the OEM! — creating a clean-running
cartridge through the end of life.
■■ Because the SCS extends beyond the print area, it keeps the printer/transfer belt clean, reducing service interventions and prolonging printer life.
■■ MSE’s extended yield cartridges’ superior  operating costs, 99-plus-percent success rates and consistency make them ideal in MPS.
■■ MSE’s proprietary sealing technology and robotic pull force testing insures that seals function properly and are free from leaks or toner puffs.
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