Lexmark Label Application Toner for Pharmacies

Lexmark Label Application Toner for Pharmacies

Inkandtonerlocker.com specializes in supplying genuine Lexmark OEM special Label application toners for Pharmacy’s.  If you are a Pharmacy chances are you have one of the following devices below.  To find the Lexmark Genuine OEM Special Label application toner for your printer click on the links next to your model #.

 Lexmark T650/652/654           T650h04a     http://inkandtonerlocker.com/products/t650h04a

Lexmark T640/642/644            64004ha       http://inkandtonerlocker.com/products/64004ha  

Lexmark T630/632/634           12a7468       http://inkandtonerlocker.com/products/12a7468      

Lexmark T620/622                  12a6869      http://inkandtonerlocker.com/products/12a6869

LexmarkOPTRA                       12a5849      http://inkandtonerlocker.com/products/12a5849