Common Brother Printer Errors

Common Brother Printer Errors


Error: Replace Fuser Unit Error Code: This means that the fuser unit has reached the end of its expected life cycle. Explanation: When the fuser unit becomes worn it can cause poor quality print and paper jams. You will need an engineer to replace the fuser unit. -


Error: Replace PF Kit Error Code: This means that the paper pick-up rollers and separation pads have reached the end of their expected life cycle Explanation: When the paper feed kit needs replacing the printer may start to experience paper jams. You will need an engineer to replace these.

Error Code: Clean Drum unit This means that the printer has detected dust or loose toner around the drum unit. Explanation: Remove toner unit and clean off any dust or toner from the unit. There is a blue tab at the front of the drum unit. Slide this from side to side making sure to return it to its' home position and reinsert it into the machine. If message persists, replace drum unit. -


Error Code: CF Error Code: Waste Toner Box Full: While printing the machine generates a quantity of waste toner. This is collected in a container which is now full. Explanation: Follow the waste toner box replacement section in the user guide. If it is still indicating that the new box is full, the waste toner sensor may be faulty. –

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