How do I know what ink I need for my printer

Posted by Jared Johnson on

Identifying the correct ink or toner for your printer can be tricky sometimes especially if you are not familiar with ordering the ink and toner products very often.  Below are a few helpful tips that will help you identify the correct inkjet or toner cartridge for your inkjet or laser printer.

1. Open up your printer and look on the existing cartridge to see if there are any part #'s shown on the existing inkjet or toner cartridge.  An example would be the image shown below of the Epson 252XL inkjet cartridges. 

2. If you are unable to find any markings on the existing cartridge in your printer try to find the exact model of printer that you have.  Typically the make and model of your printer will be listed on the front of the device.  Below is an example of the HP Deskjet D5560 device. 


3. Once you find either the cartridge markings or the make and model of your device type them into the following search page. 

Example: HP 4250 Toner

After typing this in you should see the available products based on your search criteria.  The same process can be used to search for printer parts such as maintenance kits and fuser units. 





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