Finding the right Brother Label Maker for your needs.

Posted by Jared Johnson on

Brother has a wide variety of label makers for all sorts of applications, but how can you make sure that you select the right P-touch label maker for your needs. Thankfully Brother has a great tool that can help you drill down and find the right label maker for your needs. Below is link to this comparison tool located on Brothers website. Once you find the correct item plug it into the search bar on for your discount price.


The Brother Label Selector makes it easy to sort through our entire selection of Brother™ QL and P-Touch® labeling systems so that you can compare label makers and find the model that's most suitable for your home, office or industrial application. Just answer the questions above. Choose up to three models you'd like to learn more about, and then click the “Compare”button. View an at-a-glance, side-by-side label maker comparison chart that allows you to quickly compare label maker features, types of label tape required, print speeds, compatibility and more.

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